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                Product Category

                System of the company advantage

                • The company has a strong R & D and manufacturing capacity
                • Vigorously promote the reusable resources
                • Committed to the global customers to provide quality products

                Product application and advantages

                • Improve the cutting efficiency, forming the shape of particles uniform, less powder
                • Sub-claw type, flat type, chip type, film four, for a wider range of applications
                • Shape design simple, practical, the introduction of European CE safety design standards
                • Tool SKD material, good toughness, wear, adjustable blade length adjustable
                • Using imported bearings, durable

                Perfect management service system

                • The company has a complete and scientific quality management system
                • With the single, production, packaging, after-sales one-stop service
                • In the industry has a good influence
                • Welcome for calling:0769-8550 7435

                With the customer to solve the relevant program

                • Designed for high-end customers carefully designed, tailor-made
                • According to market conditions, has introduced the company's innovative products
                • Our professional system, so you more peace of mind more peace of mind
                • Firmly believe that the power of research and development
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                Dongguan Jitian Machinery Co., Ltd. financial design, manufacture, sales of plastic machinery auxiliary equipment and recycling recycling machine as a whole. The company is a professional manufacturer of plastic machinery auxiliary equipment for the design, manufacture and sale of plastic machinery auxiliary equipment. The main members of the company are veterans who have served the plastics machinery industry for many years. We have advanced technology and science in all aspects of production technology, marketing and service. Management methods, "integrity, professionalism, quality, service, Thanksgiving" for the purpose, is committed to the creation and development of high quality plastic machinery brand.

                The company to plastic molding, hollow molding, extrusion molding and other auxiliary equipment as the starting point, to provide you with the nozzle recovery machine, ear material edge recycling machine, water-cooled strong grinder, mixing mixer, dehumidifier, mold temperature, chiller....【View details】

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              6. Introduction and maintenance of plastic sheet trimming shredder
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